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Old 04-10-2013, 05:26 PM
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Default B10 3.5 DD in NW Ontario

Many years ago I imported a black b10 3.5 for my old man.

I just purchased the car from him yesterday. Well, it was nearly a gift not so much a purchase. In fact the price was so low, he isn't letting me have the original wheels. Lol.

That's ok. This car will be my daily driver now until it dies. Including the majority of winter.

Car is at 175km now and I put on nearly 50km a year. Hopefully she gets me through 3-4 more years.

Around then you will probably see some tired Alpina parts come for sale

Car is currently in white court Alberta. Will be getting sent to edmonton for some custom work then will be shipped by train to Winnipeg where I will pick it up.

I haven't seen the car or even pics in years so I am excited to see how she looks. I am told she has the standard e34 gifts of this vintage..... Stuck glovebox door, sagging headliner and shrinking door panel materiel.

Good enough to pound the miles onto!

When you see a genuine B10 (without genuine wheels) cruising around the highways of Manitoba and nw Ontario in the middle of winter, that'll be me! Feel free to wave and give me the finger for treating an Alpina that way.


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