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Old 12-28-2011, 01:10 PM
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Default Why an Alpina Club

The mission of this brand new (January 2012) online forum is to connect Alpina enthusiasts offline.

Being a new Alpina owner (B10 BT #440) I want to meet other Alpina fanatics, see your cars, go for a drive, and just generally share the joy of Alpina ownership with others and with those who don't know the Alpina story yet.

Because there are so few Alpina owners in Canada and the United States it can be a bit of a lonely existence. And while Alpinas will never be as common as Toyotas on our roads (and that's a good thing) I want to use this site to make Alpina ownership easier through the sharing of resources and information on this side of the Atlantic.

I also hope this site will see more Alpinas brought into the country. By providing frequent reports on Japan auction action, by organizing combined container shipping from Japan, and by bidding through one broker to keep the auction-winning price as low as possible hopefully we'll all be able to save some money on our next purchase.

So if you're an Alpina owner, or want to be one, login today and join me on this new adventure.

alpina, canada, usa

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