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Old 05-13-2017, 03:57 PM
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Default Potential Alpina owner here

Hello all, I am hoping you can help me figure out whether I have a legitimate Alpina or not. The car is a 1981 745i, so I believe it would not have an alpina VIN either way but I am willing to provide the VIN if necessary, I have also linked a photo of the engine number (whats visible: ) stamped above the starter motor.

Just trying to find out if this is legit before I start on the restoration and work that needs to be done, and to try and figure out that number on the engine so I can talk to Alpina and get my paperwork if it is legitimately one of their vehicles - Im just worried it may have been a dealer-made car or something and they may not have info anyway.

I know the person storing this when the 1st owner died took the original steering wheel, wheels, and a few other goodies off the car to sell (he is a supreme skeez) and he "lost" the folder he had with the original files (pretty sure he wanted to keep them, he had them at one point and showed them to me)

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