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Old 04-25-2020, 07:51 PM
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Default 2007 Alpina B7 do-over.

Taking Stirling's suggestion, I'll post my work to bring the B7 back to tiptop condition here first.

I hope other Canadian B7 users can also engage here.

I will try to have a car meet happening here around Toronto if there is enough interest. Currently, I know of another B7 a few kilometers from me. Same Alpina Blue paint but with a grey interior. Mine is beige.

Got my B7 late last Fall and am just starting to bring it out of hibernation.
It has the Alpina Blue II paint with a creambeige interior.

It was transported from Calgary to Toronto via rail and originally from BC. When I drove it back from the trainyard after its cross country trip, it was dusty, and did not drive well at all, displaying weird engine and transmission symptoms.

Changed engine oil, filter, spark plugs, top up 1 litre of trans oil and stored it until a few weeks ago. Covid gave me a reason to start working on it sooner.

- When it is cold started, after 4 months, it starts but the idle will drop to almost zero, revs up and down for about 5 secs. If it does not stall, the oscillations will smooth out and then becomes smooth. More noticeable when cold.
- It also spew white smoke after a stink of idling on the driveway while I to warm it up and diagnose with INPA and ISTA. By the smell of the smoke, it definitely is burning oil.

- Replace the orange CCV diaphragms and cleared the oil out of the supercharger intake, intake manifolds and the bottom of the air cooler. The smoking has now subsided. Exhaust smells right!! No more oil.

- The startup oscillations continue.

- Checkout the supercharger air throttle and found that all the plastic gear teeth were stripped.

- Go a set of CNCed metal gears from Germany. Had them modified locally for proper fit and engagement. Replaced them and the oscillations are now almost unnoticeable.

- The transmission was leaking at the wire harness and low a litre when it arrived. Had dropped the pan, changed the o-rings, cleaned the magnets, changed the filter and added more oil.

The car is now working great, well almost.

It definitely drives quieter than a 745 or 750. Deceivingly fast. The suspension has a better feel too. Surprising, the interior has a strong leather smell as if it just came from the dealer. Super happy both previous owners did not smoke or use any kind of fragrance and probably store the car in an indoor garage. No salt or rust anywhere underneath the car.

A lot more to fix.
- More overall cleaning.
- Oil leak from the pressure switch and vacuum pump
- Oil leak at alternator bracket
- Oil leak around Valve cover gaskets and sensor o-rings
- Front thrust arm bushings
- Check timing and change valve stem seals.
- Change coolant and brake fluid
- Figure out why comfort door handle does not work
- Make new keys for wheel cover
- Get new batteries for ignition keys
- ABS module to be sent out for repairs - got the ABS lights on
- Driver seat shoulder motors do not work.
- Seat bolster gear to be replaced
- Remove tint.
- Brake pads to be changed, perhaps rotors too. Brake vibrates
- Repaint wheels back to silver.
- Replace black grills to silver
- Remove black trunk badging and replace with silvers.
- Change aftermarket Alpina trunk and hood emblems back to BMW.
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Old 05-14-2020, 06:26 AM
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It's good to know that your car is working great.

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