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Old 09-08-2017, 11:27 AM
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Default Vintage AMG Owner. 3-5 Year Quail/Amelia Island Tuner Class


Just registered for this site.

I am a passionate vintage AMG collector (cars modified by AMG before Mercedes-Benz took ownership interest/control in the 90's). In this regard, I consider pre-merger AMG to be a tuner.

As you are aware, most notable Concours shows limit cars to 1973 or so and older, despite the fact that time marches on and enthusiasts and their "dream" cars move with the calendar.

2017 marked the 50th Anniversary of AMG (1967-2017). I tried to get a class at the 2017 Quail show in Monterey, but was unsuccessful. Lack of support from Mercedes/AMG didn't help! A core group of enthusiasts still made the trek to Monterey and showed our cars at The Legends show.

Not accepting defeat, it is my belief that the major car shows in the US (The Quail, Amelia Island, Hilton Head, Pinehurst) would be very accepting to a class of Tuner Cars from the 70's/80's/and maybe 90's.

AMG, Ruf, Alpina, Koenig, Gemballa are examples of tuner marques that would be a big hit with spectators. To that end, I am reaching out to the Alpina Can Am Forum to begin this endeavor.

I am looking at a 5-year window to pull this off. My goal is The Quail and/or Amelia Island. I know enough about Alpina cars to know how special they are. AMG cars that you may know include the Hammer, Widebody SEC's, DTM EVO's. Ruf is another tuner that modified Porsches. These are the 3 main tuners for Porsche/Mercedes/BMW.

Can the Forum leaders lend assistance to this endeavor via your contacts with authentic Alpina owners? I will likewise reach out to the Ruf/Porsche crowd for their support. This could be a great way to show these special cars and promote their history. We would be shooting for high end concours events like The Quail and Amelia Island - the cars sent would need to be authentic (documented) and the best of the best. As collectors, you all know the added provenance showing our cars at an ultra high event can add to our cars value and prestige, to say the least about the acclaim and press our cars would attract.


Al Lydon
Atlanta, GA

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