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Thanks! For those curious I am @e36m52 on instagram if anyone wants to follow me.

Normally it would be fine, but my 3 1/2 year old son already touches the back of the seat so i am constanly cleaning his shoe marks off. I love the added leg room of the E38 and some of the other features it offers. Who doesnt love the fold down tray tables? I love my E36 but I would like something a little bigger. I am a big sedan fan, and all the cars I have ever owned have been four door. I wouldnt mind an Alpina E36 at all, but if I had the choice an E38 would be the top of the list.

A friend of mine is in the UK right now and can get the set of vyinl pinstripes for about $55-60CDN. Thats why I was thinking about it.