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No the antenna for mine is on the rear deck on the inside of the car. Same kind of thing my Land Cruiser has. The issue is going to be that it was wired to the deck, TV on the dash, and the DVD player that's in the trunk. I pulled the rear seat to see where the wiring goes and it looks like it goes straight down the middle I'm hoping that if I remove the center console I'll have access to the wires and be able to pull them through. Otherwise, I guess I might have to remove the seat and pull back the carpet. Similarly there is some sort of "hands free" system that has a button near the shifter and a mic on the top left pillar. I also have to things mounted on the dash. One has a solar panel on idea what it's for.

Your might be for GPS the other maybe to pick up TV signals.

About the wood trim...yeah, that's why I'm only going to replace it if I can fix what I've got because it kind of seems like it was an optional thing anyway.

Running rich - yeah O2's which I'm going to try universal Bosch ones if I can extend the harness properly. If not, I'll have to shell out for proper ones. I also need to replace the spark plugs.

I picked up the final stage unit this morning, so hopefully that's the fix for the blower fan. LOL...BMW wanted $230 for it!!!!