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Default Alpina B8 #64 of 93 Limo

I thought I'd post up a thread for my B8. I know it's already in my intro thread, but I'll keep this thread updated with things I'm doing to make my car "better." in quotes because I'll only be making the car better from the point that I want to get this car being back original condition....or as original as it can be for the mileage.

Here's a few most recent photos I have:

So here's the current plans:
  • Get Nixon Automotive to do a few things I don't want to do myself (trans oil, fuel filter etc).
  • Have front left fender damage (caused by shipping) fixed and replace old cracked and faded pin striping to back of driver's door
  • Tune up, so she's not running so rich
  • Get the blower fan working again
  • Reattach rearview mirror (only held on with double sided tape for some reason)
  • Remove "wood" trim because it's all cracked and looks like crap
  • Remove all wiring that had to do with the GPS system installed in Japan (this might be a bit of a PITA)
  • Fix water leaking into car (this might already be done as my carpet doesn't seem to be getting wet anymore, but I'll have to keep an eye on it)

Anything else that comes up or I realize I've forgotten and I'll add it on

....WTH!!! I can only add a few images? Lame...I'll post more pics once I get some better ones.