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Thought I'd give an update on the car.

First, I have had it on the road for about 10 days in over a month. I kept getting a message that the battery was discharging when parked. Turned out that the electronics are so sensitive that I needed a spare battery for the dash cam (BlackVue). And that will only supply enough juice for ~40 hours, so if I park it for a long time, it is not recording. Am told it happens with a new Mercedes, too.

Put the Alpina winter wheels and snow tires on. Apparently Germany doesn't have any potholes, because this combination gets damaged in Boston potholes. I have already bubbled one winter tire and dinged two wheels. NEVER did that with the B7 but that winter package (aftermarket) had tires with a higher profile. Come on, BMW, you can do better!

And speaking of tires - what is up with no spare? The high performance tires (winter and summer) are not run flats, which in itself is OK but they expect you to pump some goo into a flat, inflate it with a supplied pump, and get yourself a new tire. That isn't going to fly in the northeast with the potholes and the difficulty in getting these special tires in a reasonable timeframe. I almost never got punctures with the B7, but did damage the tires so that this "solution" is not a solution. So I am driving with a full size spare in the trunk - one of the summer tires during the winter, and a winter tire when the summer tires are on. And that means a serious decrease in the trunk capacity. Silly!

The heads-up display isn't working, and the horn will not blow when I lock/unlock it, even though I have gone into settings to set it to do so. So that will mean another trip to the dealer (waiting until the new tire comes in, good thing I got tire insurance!!!!!)

Curious what the guy in CA thinks about the car! And the winter tires/spare tire issue.

That said, the car IS gorgeous and fun to drive. Just not very practical!